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Empowerment & Parenting Classes

Empowerment & ParentingWith a greater ability to speak, read and write in English, students are able to broaden their lives and take a more active role in their community. As their understanding of English grows, parents become more involved in their child’s schoolwork and can communicate with doctors and healthcare providers.  Their ability to find rewarding work outside the home is also expanded. 

Adult students at VMLC can participate in a diverse offering of enrichment opportunities which help them move beyond the limits of an isolated lifestyle to be better parents, neighbors, and employees.

Daytime Adult Empowerment Classes

Classes take place weekdays between the morning and afternoon sessions of our Family Literacy Program.  Convenient scheduling as well as free childcare ensures participation of VMLC students.  These daily classes include basic and advanced reading, conversation, as well as a computer lab.  Additionally, AgriLIFE Extension provides a six-week nutrition program.   Field Trips are also scheduled in order to expand our students’ knowledge of Dallas and cultural understanding. 

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes take place most Friday’s during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Some of these special classes provide parents and children an opportunity to participate together in activities focused on learning.  Other sessions provide an accepting environment for parents to discuss important aspects of parenting and family life while their children are supervised by VMLC staff.

  • Bringing Families Together - A parent support group under the umbrella of Parents Anonymous to address issues of family violence
  • No Boundries - Children and parents learn together in a workshop focused on cultural and community learning
  • Fun Fridays - Children and parents participate in fun activities based on literacy.  The activities can  be replicated at home, providing parents a tool to reduce passive television time for their children.
  • Father & Child Workshops - Fathers, grandfathers and male relatives attend with children  once a month during the evenings.  Activities and discussion help adult males take an active role in the child’s education and in mentoring them for success.
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