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Family English Literacy Program

Family LiteracyFor refugees and immigrants, overcoming the language barrier is the key to overcoming their adversities.  The VMLC Family English Literacy Program does not just teach English to these new Americans, but provides a network which nurtures the very hopes and dreams which brought their family to the United States. 

Improving English Literacy and Cultural Understanding

Of 500 adult students in the Family English Literacy Program, more than 80% are low-income refugee and immigrant women. A sense of hope for a better future motivates these students to work toward their personal goals -  whether economic independence, personal security, successful parenting, or helping their families navigate daily life. 

The VMLC Family English Literacy Program provides seven levels of ESL classes (from very basic to advanced) which are led by dedicated volunteer teachers who provide mentoring and encouragement as well as classroom and computer-based instruction.  In addition, students can expand their abilities through Empowerment Programs and Parenting Programs.

Daytime Class Schedule and Synergistic Children’s Program

Family English Literacy Program classes take place Monday – Thursday with students choosing between morning (9-11 a.m.) or afternoon (12:30 – 2:30 p.m.) sessions.  This flexible schedule suits the family demands upon the lives of our students.

Students attending the Family English Literacy classes may enroll their young children in VMLC's Children's Program, allowing the parents and children to attend school together and creating a powerful synergy which benefits the entire family.  This concurrent programming removes a significant barrier to learning English (childcare) while also providing an opportunity for the parent to model the importance of education.

Class Requirements

  • Students must reside in the immediate zip code area to be enrolled in VMLC classes: Vickery Meadow campus (75231) ,  West Dallas (75212), or East Dallas (75204. 75206, 75214, 75223, 75226 or 75246).
  • Students are required to take an English proficiency test to insure assignment to the proper class level. These tests are given at the beginning and end of each semester.
  • Because immersion is a critical aspect of learning language, regular on-time attendance is mandatory.
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